Friday, May 15, 2009

The Hiccup trip of 2009 - Overview

On May 6 2009 I set out on a proposed long western loop planning to finish my goal of 100 species per state in that direction. About the second or third day I had a meal that set off some hiccups, no big deal. The next day they continued sporadicly, and the next. They gradually got worse, but not enough to keep me from birding. Finally near Valentine NE I called my regular physician. Comedy of errors, but not funny. The next day I headed home hoping to access some prescription meds. Another screw-up. Kept driving home while the hiccups turned to esophageal spasms that made breathing impossible for 1-2 minute spells, happened several times. Finally got home, and the problem abated in about three days. Wasn't a very successful birding trip, but the account follows nevertheless.

Missouri Driving, May 6, Wednesday

The plan was to travel north with stops in Missouri, into Iowa, then along the upper Mississippi River on the Wisconsin side, Cross back southward into Minnesota hoping for eastern woodland species, clip South Dakota, cross Nebraska, and then Wyoming and Colorado. There was more, but it was moot as it developed. I started in the usual way, unloading tools and loading gear, always forgetting at least one useful thing. My start was late enough that I headed straight for Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, which gets a lot of coverage from the Columbia birders. It's a big chunk of habitat, but didn't have the shorebirds I had hoped for. I went into Jeff City to the Runge Nature Center, but didn't have enough time to stay long. I needed to get to Thomas Hill Res for camping. The primitive camp I'd stayed in before was closed so I slept in the primary campground near the bridge that crosses the north end of the lake. I wasn't able to find any new species in Missouri.


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