Sunday, February 11, 2007


Jan 30, 2007

I drove along the Gulf Coast from Waveland to Biloxi. Some old houses had survived fairly well, some had disappeared so thoroughly that even the splinters were lost, including that of my friend Barbara Scott in Pass Christian. There was a lot of rebuilding, mostly commercial, fix the old casinos and make more, more big condos, very heavy construction to resist the next storm. Biloxi was sad, terrible damage and then terrible neglect. Got out of there and found National Forest Campground north of town.

Jan 31, 2007

I left at the crack of dawn, and only tried a couple of stops in MS, which didn't amount to much, but had planned a more extensive exploration on the return leg. I'd have done a lot better if I'd had the Mississippi Coast Bird guide, but have to admit I was sort of grossed out by all the damage. I was particularly disappointed that the Sandhill Crane refuge was closed, as well as two park areas along the shore where I'd stayed before with some luck.

Anyway, on into Alabama on the Interstate around Mobile, then down to the actual Gulf shore. Went to Gulf State Park, and discovered their Nature Center where there was a Long-tailed Duck (Oldsquaw) which I didn't recognize at first, immature male, that I was trying to make into some other immature. Thank goodness for Field-guides and somebody in the center on a cold windy day. I thought about staying there but the campground was an RV parking lot filled with snowbirds, and priced for all the amenities. I buzzed back east to Bon Secour NWR, found a very good trail along the inlet there with a parking lot on the south side as soon as you crossed the refuge boundary. Finally had 10 new AL tics, before heading into Florida. That made 105, and thus my first level goal.


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