Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Mexico, then on to Texas

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I hung around at Beth's in the morning, trying to be helpful while she figured out a sculpture for a show in Silver, then went in there with some stuff she wanted delivered to the gallery. Drove into Gila National Forest, north of Pinos Altos to check out some sites and camp. I made a stop at Lake Roberts, then stopped by the Hummer Lady's house to see what was new. Drove up Signal Peak to the locked gate, then walked a trail and made a few stops on the way down trying to call up a Clark's Nutcracker. No luck. Finally ended up staying the night at Cherry Creek Campground, where I continued my losing streak with the Flammulated Owl. Still it wasn't an awful day birding, just 30 species, but mellow after a late start.

Thursday, May 27

The only birding I did was at the Little Walnut Picnic Area, and a little walk on the Gomez Trails. Otherwise it was all gallery hanging, two lunches, napping and a good shower. Did get in a good visit with old buddy Pat Mulligan, master curmudgeon.

Friday, May 28

More gallery stuff, help set up a show. Mat Eric Renner, who I'll give a separate post to below. The opening of the doll art show went well. Drove up to Pinos Altos to the remodeled Buckhorn, one of the oldest bars in the state, great music by a one man band, name lost, and hang out with friend Laura and her friend Deb, an environmental ed teacher, good talk and a little dancing. Then up to McMillan Campground, with lots of stops to listen for and play owl calls. Flammulated losing streak continues.

Saturday, May 29

Back to town, gather up stuff and laundry, hang out with friend Diana who, with her husband Bob, owns the gallery. Drove on east to Bosque del Apache, got there late on a hot afternoon. Lucky to get a few new tics. Then up Water Canyon again, before dark and no rain. Owl prowling but still no Flammulated. This is starting to feel like defeat, at least for this trip.

Sunday, May 30

Back to BdA in the morning, then into El Paso. Made a couple of stops on the outskirts for exploration, still in NM, and got a Cave Swallow colony under a bridge over an irrigation canal. Very few of them in NM, CASW that is. Good bird anytime. Then it was a long hot drive on the interstate and up to Fort Davis, TX.


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