Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Invasion Of Northern Owls

The motive for the trip to Minnesota is an invasion of Northern Owls, which have moved south seeking food. Their normal prey, small voles in Canada, has suffered a population crash. I'm also hoping to see a number ofother winter specialties, birds that almost never make it to Arkansas. I'll do some birding and camping along the way, camping meaning sleeping in the truck if the overnight temperatures are above zero. I've put the trip off for one day to avoid a chilly spell up north, and to get the thermostst replaced, figuring that having a working heater might be a good idea. Tomorrow, first thing I head into south central Kansas to look for a Snowy Owl that's been reported there. Today it's just load up the truck, and hope to remember everything, like vitamins and chargers for the electronics. I always remember pillows. The binoculars live in the cab.


Blogger westwind said...

Good luck and safe travels to the north country.
I hope you see some owls and dont forget the comet in those nice dark skies.
See you when you get back,


9:36 AM  

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